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Renovating Resources

If you own your own home or an investment property it’s a great time to look at renovating using sustainable principles. So get the right team of professionals on board from the start, understanding what resources are available to assist you and what rebates are available to encourage you to make these changes. It’s all here in Renovating Resources.

The Sun Can Help – Our Free 32 Page Guide

Learn how to utilise the sun to save energy and reduce your bills

“The sun’s energy is abundant. The amount of solar energy that reaches the Earth every year in the form of solar radiation is equivalent to more than 3000 times the annual world energy requirements!”

The Sun Can Help Guide

The Liveability team are dedicated to bringing you the best information to help you make the sustainability choices that are right for you.

The Sun Can Help was prepared for us by the Alternative Technology Association.


It contains easy to understand information and diagrams covering the power of  passive design and orientation, solar power and how it works, solar hot water and even the best orientation for your garden.

Learn from people who have actually used, tested and benefited from the power of the sun.

Download the free SunLocator App inside the LJ Hooker App

The Sun Can Help booklet contains tips on how to use the SunLocator App (available free from iTunes) to track the path of the sun and find the best orientation for your home, room,  solar panels, solar hot water or garden.

Download The Sun Can Help Guide – your free 32 page booklet

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