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Little Things You Can Do

Keen to start living more sustainably at home? The little things you do can really make a difference; to your energy bills, your comfort and your health. Whether you own or rent or invest, find out how.


Tips for the Living Room

To make things easier, place multiple appliances on a single or multiple switch powerboard to avoid hard-to-reach spots and reduce the number of switches to flick.


Special Note for Renters and Share Households – including Information for Strata Communities

You don’t have to own your property to save money, increase your comfort at home and reduce your environmental impact.

Composting and vegetable garden

Special Note on Waste

Reducing your impact on the environment and reducing your energy and water bills is as much about your behaviour as it is about your home and its appliances. Recycling is now so much more than just paper an plastic.


Tips for the whole house

Our tips will help you improve your overall home’s energy efficiency, making it more economical to run and helping to reduce your electricity, gas and water bills.


Tips for the Bathroom

It makes very little sense to allow water that has only been used to rinse clothes in a washing machine (unless you are washing nappies), or rinse a human in the shower, to go straight into the sewer.


Tips for Bedrooms and Living Areas- Including a How To Video

Know when you’re going to go to bed or leaving the house and turn the heating off a half hour before – you won’t notice the house cooling and it can slice 10% off your energy bill.


Tips for the Kitchen – including a How-To video

Check the health of your fridge: In most households the fridge uses more power than any other appliance. Check and clean seals on your fridge to make sure the door closes securely. Go to the national fridge seals website to find the seals that are right for your brand of fridge and model.


Tips for the Laundry – including a How-To video

Making changes in the laundry can be as simple as hanging up your clothes or as complex as researching and purchasing the latest in energy and water efficient appliances.


Tips for Outdoor Areas

Pot plants placed together create their own microclimate, which can reduce the number of times you need to water. Watering longer but less often will encourage the plants to grow deeper roots, which will help them grow more resilient to drought conditions.

Draft Proofing Windows

A Special Note on Draught Sealing

The average Australian home has numerous gaps, cracks and unsealed fixtures and fittings (such as doors and stove smoke extractors), that combined, are equivalent to one open window per house.